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Dinner Gully *

Is a water courserising about 7km west, south west of Rock Hill. It flows for about 2km generally north, north east into Budgary Creek. Mount Cameron Trail passes midway along Dinner Gully. Name gazetted on 30th May 1975 as Dinner Gully. Previous name Dinner Creek. Lt. Col. Hugh Powell Gough Clews, known as "The Major" (1890-1980), Australian Survey Corps, named Dinner Creek after the place where they had lunch (dinner). Ref: Kameruka Magazine, Vol: 16; No. 2, July 1978. Note: Clews chapter, The Bad Bit across the River, records,"Lunch at the appropriately named Dinner Creek." The bridle track to Mount Cameron was in use from 1903 and Clews (in the 1930s) most likely was just referring to the already local name.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 474 077 headwaters
  • 478 092 junction
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS3.14: Carne Creek Cliffs, Camp Creek, the Dung Cave and more
 - Dinner Gully

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