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Mount Sinai *

Is a small hill, elevation 1015m, about 2km north of Clarence Trig Station and 1.4km south west of Clarence Railway Station. The Main Western Line passes below via a tunnel on the north east side and the Zig Zag Historical Railway circumvents this hill from east to west. Mount Sinai in Egypt is the site where the prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments. May have been renamed from Bald Hill as shown on the Parish of Lett, 2nd edition,1890, to the more significant name, as it is located on the highest point where the railway started the main descent from the Blue Mountains Range to the valley floor. Parish of Lett, 4th edition, 1st November 1897.

  • Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 405 917
Lithgow Valley Reserve
Related Names:
  • GOS7.18: Clarence Arch
  • GOS7.20: Doctors Gap and Ida Falls circuit
  • GOS7.22: The Zig-Zag Railway and Ida Falls Creek
 - Mount Sinai

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