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Natural Bridge *

Is a descriptive term for a narrow saddle 5.8km north east of Cockatoo Hill Trig and 2.6km due north of Deep Pass. Geographical Names Board records, 5th March 1975, " A well known feature, a fire trail follows the watershed over this narrow saddle." In 1998, the NPWS blocked off the Mount Cameron Track 300m before the Natural Bridge with a permanent barrier. Ref: David Warren Noble's canyon archive reports. Lieutenant Colonel Clews, army surveyor, in his article, "The Bad Bit across the River" records that, when he was using the bridle track to Mount Cameron, "Natural Bridge is a very low saddle." This track was well in use from 1903 and Clews (in the 1930s) most likely was just referring to the already local name.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 495 097
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:
  • GOS3.04: Wolgan Pillars
  • GOS3.06: Mt Cameron via Railmotor Ridge, Rock Hill and Nayook Creek
  • GOS4.25: Deep Pass to Natural Bridge
  • GOS4.26: Nayook Creek east of Natural Bridge
  • GOS4.27: Mount Cameron Fire Trail and part of Nayook Creek
  • GOS7.19: Blacksmith Cave

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