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Old Coach Road

Was constructed between Clarence and Newnes and closely follows the route of the former Wolgan Valley Railway line from Clarence. The road is still in use today (from near Deanes Siding, GR 424 140, to the information board at GR 425 180) and is maintained by the National Parks and Wildlife Service in case access is required to fight bushfires. Alongside a part of this road can be seen steel stanchions and steel bars, which were used to support the petrol pipeline from Glen Davis to Newnes Junction. Cullen Bullen and Ben Bullen Topo Maps.

The Lithgow Mercury 8th June 1906, p. 4 records “ the road from Clarence to Wolgan is now 21 miles from Clarence, among the gorges. A good road has been found down Penrose Gorge…should be through to Wolgan in a few weeks”.

This road was used in part to deliver construction materials for the Wolgan Valley Railway line (April 1906 -1907) and also to provide access to the new township of Newnes. Ref: Parish of Barton, 1915, notation LB07.921. (Note: LB07 refers to Land Board 1907).

A map dated 10th April 1907, which accompanied an application for a Post Office at Greens Camp (near the present day Glowworm Tunnel), shows the name Coach Road.

The term ‘Old Coach Road’ was recorded in Stephens, Eric. Wolgan Railway Notebook, 1934-1937 and Lithgow Mercury 2nd May 1934, p. 4. The railway coach used on the railway line consisted of a general passenger compartment to seat 30, guard’s compartment, a special compartment at the end with folding table and lavatory. The coach was constructed by Metropolitan Amalgamated Railway Coach Works, Lancaster, England.

  • Cullen Bullen and Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 424 140 to 425 180
Wollemi National Park
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 - Old Coach Road

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