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Point Nicholson *

Located on the escarpment 4.2km west, north west of Newnes and roughly midway between Point Anderson and Gindantherie Pinnacle. Shown on the map Parish of Goollooinboin, 1884. Alexander (1818-1888), Christina (1815-1899) Nicholson and family at the instigation of the McLeans immigrated to Australia in 1857 and settled in the Glen Alice area. Ref: Staff, Bill. Rylstone Area History of Settlement, 1983, p. 68 and inscriptions, Glen Alice Cemetery. One of their sons, Samuel Donald Nicholson, (1843-1944), purchased Portions 80 and 81 in the Parish of Goollooinboin, County of Cook on the 13th and 20th March 1879. Ref: Survey Plan 1061.1507. Another son, John (b1855), held Conditional Purchase on Portions 82-84 in 1878-1879. Ref: Survey Plan 1131.1507. Samuel Nicholson opened the Genowlan Mine near Capertee in 1883. Ref: Carne, Joseph. The Kerosene Shale Deposits of New South Wales, 1903,p. 38.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 382 273
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:
  • GOS2.03: Point Anderson and Canobla Creek
  • GOS2.06: The Wolgan - Capertee Divide
  • GOS2.24: Traversing Pantoneys Crown
  • GOS2.25: Island Mountain Traverse
 - Point Nicholson

Pantoneys Crown