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Bungleboori *

Was designated as a Rural Place by the Geographical Names Board on 11th July 1997.

  • Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 395 004
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS2.19: The Minotaur Lair
  • GOS3.13: Carne Creek Cliffs, Joseph Creek and Murrays Line
  • GOS3.15: Carne Creek Cliffs and Lurline Jack Lookout
  • GOS4.11: Bungleboori Creek and the WWII Water Supply Dam
  • GOS4.12: Bungleboori Creek and Clwydd Pass
  • GOS4.13: Bungleboori Creek and two tributary creeks
  • GOS4.14: Bungleboori Creek and ravines south of Waratah Ridge
  • GOS4.15: Mount Horne - Bungleboori Creek and Paddys Creek
  • GOS4.16: Bungleboori Creek - Paddys Creek
  • GOS4.18: Holts Heaven and Dumbano Tunnels
  • GOS4.22: Thorpes Folly via the Hair of the Dog Ravine
  • GOS4.30: Stillson Spur and Zig Zag Spur
  • GOS4.32: Even closer to Heaven
  • GOS4.34: Ravines above Popeye Canyon
  • GOS4.37: The Arch in Arch Canyon
  • GOS4.38: A day in Heaven
  • GOS4.39: A day just outside Heaven
  • GOS4.40: In Heavens Realm
  • GOS5.14: From Heaven to Hell and back
  • GOS5.25: Aboriginal art caves
  • GOS5.26: Lambs Creek and Kangaroo Creek
  • GOS6.10: Sunnyside Canyon and Ravines
  • GOS6.11: Flat Bottom Creek
  • GOS7.10: Upper Wolgan River
  • GOS7.11: Wolgan River bends above Wolgan Falls
  • GOS7.21: State Mine Gully and Hassans Walls
 - Bungleboori

Airly Forest