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Newnes *

Is located in a scenic valley on the Wolgan River about 7km south west of Glen Davis, 35km via road from Lidsdale and 50km from Lithgow. The SMH, 14th November 1907, p. 8, records, "the Department of Lands decided to adopt the name Newnes for the proposed village in lieu of Wolgan as previously approved."  Newnes was proclaimed a village on the 8th April 1908. Named after Sir George Newnes, a British Knight, and head of a group of London investors responsible for the development of the oil shale deposits. During the early operational years of the Commonwealth Oil Corporation Ltd and the Fell Company, Newnes had a population of 1652 (1911 census). The 1921 census listed 820. Ref: Taylor, Greg. J. Newnes, History of a Blue Mountains Oil-Shale town. Undated, p. 30. The Lithgow Mercury, 25th October 1907, records a notification of the listing in the Government Gazette of the village of Wolgan and setting out the boundaries of this village. Six months later, the name was changed to Newnes. The SMH, 13th May 1911, p. 5, records other names that were used for Newnes, such as Jones Township, Government Township and Company Township.

Note: During the period 1907 to 1909 the present location of Newnes was known as Newnes South, Newnes North was located at the present Glen Davis. Plan of Portion ML 12, dated 30th May 1908 shows Newnes North and track from Newnes South with significant buildings and tunnels into the shale mines. Lithgow Mercury 1st March 1907, p. 8, records the bridle path linking Newnes North to Newnes South.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 423 254
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