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Wallerawang *

Various spellings have been recorded for Wallerawang: Walerawang, 12th November 1823, Surveyor James McBrien, native name of the creek, (Coxs River). Ref: Field Book 205, State Records: NRS 13889 [SZ205]. Wallerawang, 1830. Ref: Survey Plan 8.691 by James Byrne Richards. Wallerawang, 1833. Ref: The Surveys of the Australian Agriculture Company, published 1st September 1833. Wallerowong, 1856. Spelling as per grave stone erected by Archibald James Walker "in memory of Bobby and the Wallerowong Aborigine Tribe". Same spelling recorded by Archer, Thomas. Recollections of a Rambling Life, 1897, p. 14. Wallerrawang, 1875. Ref: Lang, John Dunmore. An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales, 1875, Vol. 2, p. 201. Note: the present spelling is the same as the 1830 and 1833 reference. Colloquially by the locals, the village is referred to by the diminutive "Wang". This aboriginal name according to Helen Riley, Wiradjuri Elder and Sharon Riley, Wiradjuri representative means 'Place of Wood and Water. Ref: Oral history 3rd May 2016.

  • Lithgow
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