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Baal Bone

Is a locality name. The first land grant of Cullen Bullen, (2000ac), was taken up by Robert Venour Dulhunty. His brother Lawrence Vance Dulhunty also took a large grant of land nearby. Robert Dulhunty was at one stage Commissioner of Disputed Land Claims in Queensland. Robert's son, Lawrence Joseph Edward Dulhunty, moved to Queensland, where he held extensive properties and was a well-respected and influential person. Dulhunty Plains and Dulhunty River were named after his family. The Dulhuntys took an interest in Aboriginal names of the Tambo area. An Aboriginal name for water and drink in the Norman River area was "baal". Locally, Baal Bone Gap is the only easy accessible means through the cliff line to the headwaters of the Baal Bone Creek and further south to the headwaters of the Coxs River. The coining of the word, "bone" as in "pointing the bone" adds direction via this gap. Ref: Indigenous word lists compiled by Smyth and Curr. Dulhunty Papers.The Brisbane Courier, 26th March 1881, p. 7. This aboriginal place according to Helen Riley, Wiradjuri Elder and Sharon Riley, Wiradjuri representative is for, Mens Business, and they would go no where near it. Ref: Oral history 3rd May 2016.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 290 180
Ben Bullen State Forest
  • GOS1.06: Pantoneys Crown
  • GOS1.07: McLeans Pass and further east
  • GOS1.08: Moffitts Trail to Tarpeian Rock via Rowans Hole
  • GOS1.14: Rowans Hole West to East
  • GOS1.15: Murdocks Trail to Baal Bone Point via Coco Creek
  • GOS1.17: Poseidon Area
  • GOS1.18: Hades and the Underworld
  • GOS1.20: Hecates Cauldron
  • GOS1.21: Blackmans Crown and Platform Rock
  • GOS1.23: The Eastern Extension of Mount Genowlan
  • GOS1.25: South of Hecates Cauldron
  • GOS2.05: Mount Gundangaroo
  • GOS2.24: Traversing Pantoneys Crown
  • GOS5.01: North and west of Murdocks Creek
  • GOS5.02: Gaudis Walls 
  • GOS5.03: Sisyphean Ridge
  • GOS5.04: Tara Slot
  • GOS5.06: Subsidence fractures, Ben Bullen State Forest
  • GOS5.07: Under Skittle Row
  • GOS5.08: Exploring Skittle Row
  • GOS5.11: Cullen Bullen Cemetery to Wolgan Gap
  • GOS5.12: Wolgan Gap Trig

Airly Turret