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Cullen Bullen *

Is a small village located on the Castlereagh Highway between Lithgow and Capertee. Cullen Bullen Railway Station opened as Carsons Siding on 1st May 1889 and closed on 6th March 1976. School opened in December 1875. Hoddle's diary, 13th February 1825, states,"I have stopt at Messrs. Robt. and Lawrence Dalhunty's from Bath (their grant was called by the natives Cullen Bullen). Living in a cottage made of turf ......are now living romantically, shepherd like."   Ref: Colville, Berres Hoddle. Robert Hoddle Pioneer Surveyor 1794-1881, 2004, p. 74. Robert Venour Dulhunty (1802-1853) with his brother Lawrence arrived in Sydney in March 1824. Robert applied for a grant of land on the 23rd March 1824. This grant of 2000ac was selected and called Cullen Bullen. An 1828 census recorded that he had cleared 500ac and owned 75 cattle and 600 sheep. Ref: Dulhunty Papers. The Australian, 5th May 1837 records the marriage of Robert Dulhunty of Cullen Bullen to Eliza Julia Gibbs. Cullen Bullen is shown on Mitchell, Thomas. Map of the Colony of New South Wales, 1834. Both the names Cullen Bullen and Ben Bullen have Aboriginal origins, different suggestions have been put forward for their meanings but as yet there is no substantiation of their exact meanings. Geographical Names Board reference is, "Place where many waters meet or Lyrebird."  This aboriginal name according to Helen Riley, Wiradjuri Elder and Sharon Riley, Wiradjuri representative is named after the Lyre Bird. and that the word Bulla refers to, two. Ref: Oral history 3rd May 2016.

  • Cullen Bullen
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 - Cullen Bullen

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