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Devils Pinch *

Is a steep section of land close to and on the south bank of the Wolgan River, located 4.6km downstream from Newnes and 5.6km upstream from the Wolgan River and Rocky Creek junction. This point also marks the eastern end point of the Wolgan Valley. Devils Pinch was a descriptive name for the notorious narrowing of the valley which made travelling through the area difficult. It refers to the narrow tight squeeze for the bridle track between the river and high ground. The Parish Map of Barton, County of Cook, 1st edition, 1884 shows a bridle track along the Wolgan River from present day Newnes to the junction of Annie Rowan Creek and Wolgan River. Midway along this track, the Parish Map shows the name, The Devils Pinch. Shown on Mount Morgan Topo Map, GR 470 265, but correct location is GR 463 262.

  • Mount Morgan
Grid Reference:
  • 463 262
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:
  • GOS2.11: Mystery Mountain
  • GOS2.25: Island Mountain Traverse
  • GOS2.26.1: The Totem Pole
 - Devils Pinch

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