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Great Dividing Range *

Extends the entire length of the east coast of Australia, generally in a north south direction. This range was also referred to as The Dividing Range and Main Range. In the scope of this work, the range extends from near Capertee, Ben Bullen, Moffitts Trail, The Bicentennial National Trail and Gardiners Gap to the Castlereagh Highway 4km south of Cullen Bullen. Great Diving Range was shown on Survey Plan by Robert Dixon, September 1830. Ref: Surveyor General, select list of Maps and Plans, 2517. Early references to Great Dividing Range appeared in the SMH in 1835 as part o fadvertisements for land and stock, and the words " Dividing Range" - in the SMH on 10th July 1823, p. 2.

  • Capertee
  • Ben Bullen
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Related Names:
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