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Green Gully *

Is a non perennial stream rising 4.5km south, south west of Glen Davis. It flows generally north for about 5km into the Capertee River.The descriptive name of this north south facing gully refers to the dense green ferns at its headwaters. Within this gully, is the Pipeline Track that connects the villages of Newnes and Glen Davis. Numerous examples of old infrastructure of the former pipeline still exist in the gully. Shown as Green Gully on on the Plan of Portion ML 8; Survey Plan, M10825, dated 27th July 1895. The Survey Plan M13826, dated 9th May 1908, records on the eastern side of Green Gully, "Horse Track to Glen Alice".

  • Mount Morgan
Grid Reference:
  • 447 274 headwaters
  • 451 320 junction
Related Names:
  • GOS2.10: The Pipeline Track
 - Green Gully

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