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Newnes Plateau *

The name is misleading as it refers to the area south of Newnes and extending back to Clarence that also contains the Newnes State Forest. A central point of the plateau is Bungleboori, (what was a picnic ground) and an important road junction. The Newnes Plateau is approximately 200sq km in area and has a general elevation between 1100 and 1180 metres.

  • Lithgow and Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS2.14: The Cliffs of Mars
  • GOS3.03: Donkey Mountain 3
  • GOS3.19: The Rain Cave and Joseph Creek
  • GOS4.01.B: Wollangambe tributaries and Dargans Arch
  • GOS4.12: Bungleboori Creek and Clwydd Pass
  • GOS5.13: Wolgan Gap cliff line
  • GOS5.24: Lambs and Kangaroo Creeks ridge line
  • GOS5.25: Aboriginal art caves
  • GOS6.02: Last Crusade Point and Holy Grail Ravine
  • GOS6.03: Indiana Gorge and Indiana Slot
  • GOS6.05: Wolgan Falls
  • GOS6.06: Cliff Lines above the Wolgan River
  • GOS6.11: Flat Bottom Creek
  • GOS6.14: Sunnyside Point and Wolgan Pinnacle
  • GOS6.16: Endorphin Slot and Gully
  • GOS6.17: Infinity Caves
  • GOS6.18: Adrenalin Gorges
  • GOS6.26: Birds Rock Creek
  • GOS6.27: Carne Creek and Glory Box
  • GOS6.30: Convolution Creek and Tagine Point
  • GOS6.31: Gang Gang Creek and Canyon
  • GOS7.01: Mount Walker and Coxs River
  • GOS7.06: Clerestory Spurs No. 4 to No. 7
  • GOS7.08: Pagodas south of Angus Place Trail
  • GOS7.10: Upper Wolgan River
  • GOS7.11: Wolgan River bends above Wolgan Falls
  • GOS7.12: Lost City and more
  • GOS7.15: Monkey Creek
  • GOS7.17: Reedy Creek
  • GOS7.20: Doctors Gap and Ida Falls circuit
  • GOS7.21: State Mine Gully and Hassans Walls
 - Newnes Plateau

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