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Rock Hill *

Is located 5km north east of Deep Pass and 3.8km south of Mount Cameron. It is shown on the map Parish of Rock Hill, 1st edition, 1882. Elevation of 965m.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 537 100
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:
  • GOS2.16: An unnamed tributary of Deanes Creek
  • GOS3.03: Donkey Mountain 3
  • GOS3.04: Wolgan Pillars
  • GOS3.06: Mt Cameron via Railmotor Ridge, Rock Hill and Nayook Creek
  • GOS3.07: A natural tribute to Michelangelo
  • GOS3.14: Carne Creek Cliffs, Camp Creek, the Dung Cave and more
  • GOS3.17: Rock Island
  • GOS3.20: Unnamed tributary of Deanes Creek
  • GOS4.08: Dicksonia Forest Ravine
  • GOS4.19: Nayook Creek plus a bit more
  • GOS4.20: Dingo Creek from GR 454 060 and downstream
  • GOS4.21: Howling Arch, the Pool of Diana and the Pool of Aphrodite
  • GOS4.22: Thorpes Folly via the Hair of the Dog Ravine
  • GOS4.24: Minyaba Canyon and Bula Nadgyung
  • GOS4.25: Deep Pass to Natural Bridge
  • GOS4.26: Nayook Creek east of Natural Bridge
  • GOS4.27: Mount Cameron Fire Trail and part of Nayook Creek
  • GOS4.29: Mount Norris and Railmotor Ridge
  • GOS4.31: Dingo Creek and Cerberus Creek
  • GOS4.34: Ravines above Popeye Canyon
  • GOS4.35: Hair of the Dog Ravine

Pagoda Rock Formations