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Sunnyside Ridge *

This ridge is about 12km in length, trends generally north off the Blue Mountains Range. It divides the watersheds of the headwaters of the Wolgan River and Carne Creek. Highest point along this ridge is Birds Rock Trig Station at 1181m. Its northernmost point along Fire Trail No. 7 is at Sunnyside Point. Sunnyside was the previous name of Birds Rock Trig Station. The Trig name was in existence from 1930, so the name Sunnyside is prior to this date. Sunnyside Ridge was so named as this part of the ridge trends north south and hence the eastern side obtains the morning sunlight. Ref: Danny Whitty, Aboriginal descendant of this area, 19th February 2010.

  • Cullen Bullen and Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 375 156 northern end
  • 375 022 southern end
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
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  • GOS6.15: Western side of Endorphin Gully
  • GOS6.17: Infinity Caves
  • GOS6.18: Adrenalin Gorges
  • GOS6.19: Adrenalin Ledge Traverse
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  • GOS7.11: Wolgan River bends above Wolgan Falls
 - Sunnyside Ridge

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