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Wolgan River *

Is a watercourse about 64km long. It rises on the Blue Mountains Range 4.5km north west of Bungleboori and flows in a generally northerly direction towards Newnes, where it turns eastward to its junction with the Capertee River. Lithgow. The Wolgan River and Carne Creek join at the southern edge of the Ben Bullen Topo Map, GR 387 177. Previously, these two major drainage patterns were known as the Eastern and Western Branches of the Wolgan River. The Eastern Branch was renamed Carne Creek in 1970. Ref: Geographical Names Board notes, 5th March 1970. Shown as Wolgan River Western Branch and Wolgan River Eastern Branch on the map Parish of Wolgan, 1884. Surveyor Frederick Robert D'Arcy surveyed the Wolgan River from near present day Newnes downstream towards the junction with the Capertee River, July 1831. Ref: Surveyor General Letters received from surveyors, Reel No. 3060, Andrews, Alan E J. Major Mitchell's Map, 1834.

  • Lithgow
  • Cullen Bullen
  • Ben Bullen and Mount Morgan
Grid Reference:
  • 360 030 headwaters
  • 637 231 junction
Newnes State Forest (headwaters)
Related Names:
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  • GOS6.14: Sunnyside Point and Wolgan Pinnacle
  • GOS7.10: Upper Wolgan River
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 - Wolgan River

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