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Wolgan Valley Railway

Branched from the Main Western Line at Newnes Junction, GR 443 930, and terminated at Newnes, GR 424 258. Construction of the Wolgan Valley Railway of some 31 miles 50 chains (51km) from Clarence on the Great Western Railway line to Newnes commenced in November 1906 and was effectively completed in November 1907. The line ceased carrying rail traffic in 1937. Ref: Hicks, George and O'Brien, Dennis. Shays in the Valley. According to Bentley, James. Black Smoke. Blue Mountains, 1988, p. 77, the line finally closed in 1932. This private railway line was built to carry oil, wax, sulphate of ammonia, coke and other various products from the Commonwealth Oil Corporation's shale mine and refinery at Newnes to where it joined the Main Western Line at Newnes Junction. From here, products went on their way to Sydney or, in the case of the coke, to the Lithgow blast furnace. Ref: Bentley, James. Black Smoke. Blue Mountains and McKillop, Bob. Furnace, Fire and Forge, 2006, pp. 204-205.

  • Ben Bullen
  • Cullen Bullen
  • Rock Hill and Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 424 258 to 443 930
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