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Wolgan *

Is now referred to by the Geographical Names Board as a, "Rural Place". It is located in the vicinity of the old Wolgan Homestead and present Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort. The planned Village of Wolgan was located on the level ground, southern side of Wolgan Road and western side of Mount Wolgan. Ben Bullen Topo Map, GR 359 186. At Wolgan, two acres were set aside for a public school on 20th September 1871. Ref: Survey Plan 143-1978. A church, manse and cemetery were approved on 9th February 1874. Ref: Survey Plan372-1984. Adjoining this area to the south was an area reserved for residential or business purposes, 8th February 1894. Wolgan was the chosen Aboriginal name of James Walker's outstation (homestead), c1825. It was this name which gave Wolgan Valley its name. Ref: Survey Plan B4.691r, dated 3rd January 1831. Stevens, Wade. Wolgan Valley Selected Climbing Areas, 2001, p. 37. Records,"reportedly the native name for its site at the confluence of the Wolgan River and Carne Creek ." Also see Mount Wolgan.

According to Isabella Gertrude (Gert) Poyitt, who was a school teacher in the Wolgan Valley in the 1920’s the name Wolgan came from the  local aboriginal word, ‘wolga’, the name for the Australian Clematis,Clematis aristata, a vine that is fairly common in the valley.

Helen Riley, Wiradjuri Elder and Sharon Riley, Wiradjuri representative, also record the word Wolgan, is named after the native plant Clematis aristate. Ref: Oral history 3rd May 2016.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 384 168
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  • GOS7.11: Wolgan River bends above Wolgan Falls
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