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Ben Bullen *

Is a village located about 9km north of Cullen Bullen and 21km north by west of Wallerawang. Its boundaries are within the Lithgow Council administrative area. On John Lang's second visit across the Blue Mountains in 1834, he recorded stopping at the property,Ben Bullen, owned by Thomas Cadell, J. P., who with his family had arrived from Sydney in 1832. Ref: Lang, John Dunmore. An Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales, 1875, pp. 218-221. The Sydney Gazette, 3rd August 1844, p. 3, records a boiling down establishment for the production of tallow from sheep at Ben Bullen. The NSW Geographical Names Board records Ben Bullen as an Aboriginal derived word. Two meanings have been given: high, quiet place and Lyrebird. Endacott, Sydney J. Australian Aboriginal Words and Place Names, 1961, p. 11.

  • Ben Bullen
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 - Ben Bullen

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