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Carne Creek *

Is a watercourse about 19.5km long. It rises 2.5km north, north west of the Bungleboori Camping Ground and flows generally north into the Wolgan River. Carne Creek and the Wolgan River join at the northern edge of the Cullen Bullen Topo Map. Previously these two major drainage patterns were known as the Eastern and Western Branches of the Wolgan River. The Eastern Branch was officially renamed Carne Creek, 1970. Ref: GNB notes, 5th March 1970. It was first named Carne Creek in 1965 by Myles Dunphy. Joseph Edmund Carne (1855-1922), geologist. His major works are The Kerosene Shale Deposits of New South Wales, 1903, Geology and Mineral Resources of the Western Coal Field, 1908 and, with L. J. Jones, the classic Limestone Deposits of New South Wales, 1919. In all Carne's writings and maps, he combined clarity with meticulous scholarship. Carne carried out careful investigation of the Wolgan Valley and its environs, including the Newnes oil shale field. Carne Creek runs roughly parallel to the old Wolgan Valley Railway line constructed to the shale oil field.

  • Lithgow
  • Cullen Bullen and Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 383 024 headwaters
  • 387 176 junction
Related Names:
  • GOS1.12: Collett Gap and Woolpack Rock
  • GOS3.10: Carne Creek Cliffs, Nobles Canyon and the fissures
  • GOS3.11: Carne Creek Cliffs, The Gurgler, Shunt Track, Shunt Pass, The Governor and Michaels Chair
  • GOS3.12: Carne Creek Cliffs Screwdriver pass and the Long Zig Zag Pass
  • GOS3.13: Carne Creek Cliffs, Joseph Creek and Murrays Line
  • GOS3.14: Carne Creek Cliffs, Camp Creek, the Dung Cave and more
  • GOS3.15: Carne Creek Cliffs and Lurline Jack Lookout
  • GOS3.16: Carne Creek Cliffs, Felt Fern Canyon and Pyramid Rocks
  • GOS3.19: The Rain Cave and Joseph Creek
  • GOS6.08: Rockflower Ridge and Creek
  • GOS6.09: Sunnyside Cliffs and Bushrangers Creek
  • GOS6.14: Sunnyside Point and Wolgan Pinnacle
  • GOS6.15: Western side of Endorphin Gully
  • GOS6.17: Infinity Caves
  • GOS6.19: Adrenalin Ledge Traverse
  • GOS6.20: Eastern side of Adrenalin Creek
  • GOS6.21: Adrenalin and Thom Slots, plus Pleasant View Canyon
  • GOS6.22: Zorro Canyon, Rapier and Bullwhip Slots
  • GOS6.23: Pyramid Pass to Zorro Pass
  • GOS6.24: Window in the Sky Ravine and Striolata Ravine
  • GOS6.25: Sinusoidal Ravine and cliffs above Carne Creek
  • GOS6.26: Birds Rock Creek
  • GOS6.27: Carne Creek and Glory Box
  • GOS6.28: Silkpod Point and Silkpod Gorge
  • GOS6.29: Wild Gorge and Pinch Point Circle
  • GOS6.30: Convolution Creek and Tagine Point
  • GOS6.31: Gang Gang Creek and Canyon
  • GOS6.32: Gang Gang Playground
  • GOS6.33: Devils Throuat and the cliffs of East Creek
  • GOS6.34: Caves of Carne Creek and Pyramid Rocks
  • GOS7.11: Wolgan River bends above Wolgan Falls
 - Carne Creek

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