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Mount Davidson *

Is the highest point on the mesa between Blue Rock Gap and McLeans Pass, 2.6km north east of Baal Bone Gap. It is surmounted by Wolgan Trig Station that has a height of 1081m. A smaller hill on this same mesa is Mount Jamison. Shown on the map Parish of Wolgan, 1884. Palmer, Freda and Scurrah, F L. Tour of Rylstone and Capertee Valleys, 1969, Pt: 2, p. 1, records that Mount Davidson was named after Surveyor Walker Rennie Davidson, who surveyed the township for Rylstone in 1842. Another version is that it is named after Murray and Catherine (1852-1882) (nee McLean) Davidson, who at a land sale in Rylstone on the 11th September 1878 purchased Portion 160, Parish of Goolloinboin, County of Cook. Ref: Survey Plan 675.1507. They also purchased Lots 33 and 34 in April 1879. Ref: Survey Plan 144.1507. Also recorded in NSW Government Gazette, 11th September 1875. Murray Davidson had designed the church at Glen Alice.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 316 201
Gardens of Stone National Park and Wolgan State Forest boundary
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 - Mount Davidson

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