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Mount Jamison *

Is a small hill, 1050m, on the mesa between Mount McLean and Mount Davidson, 5.3km south east of Pantoneys Crown. Accessed via Baal Bone Gap and McLeans Pass. GNB notes, 27th August 1970, record only a hill but retention of "Mount" in name is recommended. Shown on the map Parish of Wolgan, 1884. Named after Sir John Jamison (1776-1844) in this region, are (see separate entries) Sir Johns Point and Sir Johns Mouth. His first grant of land was near Glen Davis, Capertee Valley, in 1825, where he purchased 4000ac. Ref: Glen Alice School Centenary, 1884-1984, p. 16. The Sydney Gazette, 25th June 1836, p. 4, records, "900,800, 860 and 1200 acres applied for by Sir John Jamison at Capertee at five shillings per acre." The NSW Government Gazette, 1836, pp. 468-469 records,  "Sir John Jamison having the following acreages at Capertee, 1100, 640, 900, 800, 860 and 1200ac granted at five shillings an acre." The SMH, 29th September 1846, p. 4 records the auction of the Estate of Capertee, property of the late Sir John Jamison, 14,788ac (5989ha). Jamison was a name that appears so often on early parish maps (for example Parish of Wolgan, 1884) and in general text was spelt incorrectly as Jamieson.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 311 193
Gardens of Stone National Park
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 - Mount Jamison

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