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Mount McLean *

Also see McLeans Pass. A mountain, 1065m, 1km east of Baal Bone Gap and on the western side of McLeans Pass. Shown on the map Parish of Ben Bullen,1885. At one stage, John McLean and his family owned or leased properties from the Upper Turon to Sunny Corner, a distance of 95km, and employed close to 100 men. He was known as the Lord of Capertee. Ref: Coxon, Betty. Not Lost but Gone Before. A Family History of the McLeans of Capertee, 1999. It was Jonathan McLean and his two brothers, George R McLean and Donald McLean, who in 1870 were the first to discover kerosene shale deposits and open up a mine in the Glen Alice area. Ref: Carne, Joseph. The Kerosene Shale Deposits of New South Wales, 1903, p. 38. A number of the McLeans are buried at Glen Alice Cemetery. The cemetery land was originally purchased and set aside by John McLean.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 302 189
Gardens of Stone National Park
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 - Mount McLean

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