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Nayook Creek *

Is a perennial creek that has its headwaters on the eastern side of the junction of Deep Pass Trail and Mount Cameron Trail. It flows north east, east and south east for about 34km into the Wollangambe River. Nayook is the Aboriginal word for Cockatoo, and this creek rises about 1km east of Cockatoo Hill Trig Station. Ref: Bunce, Daniel and Graeme, Butler. The Australian Race, Lower Yarra. A History of the Buln Buln Shire, 1979. Possibly named by Lt.Col. Hugh Powel Gough Clews, known as "The Major" (1890-1980), Australian Survey Corps. He named Dinner Creek, which is near the headwaters of Nayook Creek and Clews Ridge and is midway and on the north side of Nayook Creek. Clews had surveyed the Wollangambe one inch to the mile topographical map inthe early 1930s.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 459 064 headwaters
  • 676 040 junction
Wollemi National Park
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 - Nayook Creek

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