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First book in the "Wollemi National Park" series is here

- Sunday, September 21, 2014
Yuri Bolotin and Michael Keats have launched a new book series about the "Wollemi National Park". The first book is "The Complete Wollemi North-South Traverse". This book is an epic true adventure of modern exploration, grit and determination, as three explorers attempt to traverse the entire wild Wollemi from north to south. It is also an opportunity for you, the reader, to feel the agonies and the joys as they happened. You may grip your armchair with nervous excitement as you gaze down into an inky void, seeking a way of route between the cliffs; or relax as you feel the setting sun add another dimension to the smouldering campfire. And after you have read the book, you might be inspired to plan an adventure of your own, using the meticulous track notes, maps, grid references and photographs contained within.
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