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A new book by Brian Fox

- Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Brian Fox of Bushexplorers and Blue Mountains Geographical Encyclopedia fame is about to release a new text he has researched and written on the development of tourist maps in the Blue Mountains. The central character is one Isaac Barrow. Isaac’s passion and dedication led to the opening up of the Blue Mountains to thousands of Sydney siders for walking and exploring. Businesses of all kinds flourished as his maps were eagerly sought after.
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Gardens of Stone 'In Focus' Photography Competition

- Friday, May 15, 2015
Here is an opportunity to showcase your photography skills, make a name for yourself, visit the Gardens of Stone NP and experience firsthand the wonders of this unique world class heritage area. You will also be helping to draw attention to unprotected areas under threat from coal mining. To become involved visit the Colong Foundation.
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Airly Turret